Al Harris
Dear Mom and Dad - Al and Bev Harris
John Randolph as Al Harris with wife, Beverly.
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Physically abusive father of Rosanne and Jackie who appears twice before his passing on the series; cheated on Beverly with a mistress for over 20 years
Character information
Seasons: 1–2
First Appearance: "Dear Mom and Dad"
Last Appearance: "We Gather Together"
Total Episodes: 2
Played by: John Randolph
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Al Harris  was Roseanne and Jackie's father who appeared in two episodes during the first season of Roseanne, in "We Gather Together", and "Dear Mom and Dad". The part of Al was played by late veteran character actor John Randolph.

About AlEdit

From his appearances he seemed to be a normal, jovial guy, but as it turns out, Al was a physically abusive father towards Rosanne and Jackie when they were children, and had a mistress for over 20 years, (after which his wife Bev kicked him out of the house), and the maternal grandfather of Roseanne's children. Upon his death, Roseanne meets with his mistress, Joan, who didn't know of Al's abuse of his family, as Al had led her to believe that Roseanne and Jackie were ungrateful to him despite his doing so much for them. Despite his violent nature, Al possesses a highly humorous nature that, in his passing, Roseanne thanks him for after reading a list of many things she hates him for doing to her and Jackie.