Ailens was the 25th episode and the season finale of Season 4 of Roseanne, also the 97th overall series episode. Written by Naxine Lapiduss, Jeff Abugov, and Joel Madison from an original story by Madison with Ron Nelson, the episode was directed by Andrew D. Weyman. It originally aired on ABC-TV on May 12, 1992.


DJ's spelling-bee triumph is a welcome bright spot as Rodbell's luncheonette closes down and Dan's bike shop continues its slow descent. Becky is upset to find out there is no college fund set up, and regrets getting good grades for nothing. Meanwhile, Nancy is heartbroken when Arnie leaves her, especially when he claims he was abducted by aliens. 

Plot summaryEdit

In the fourth season finale, the Conner family is once again facing a grim financial future. Roseanne and Bonnie lose their jobs after Rodbells decides to close the lunchonette and turn it into a bargain bin. Dan comes to the realization that the bike shop is not going to turn around.

All is not lost however, because DJ is discovered to be the "very best speller in all of Lanford." The entire family attens his spelling bee competition (even reluctant Becky) to cheer him on!

Nancy learns Arnie has left her, leaving behind a note indicating he has been abducted - by aliens from outer space. The post-credits scene reveals that this is true.

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