"Born to Be Wild"
Season 2, Episode 16
Number (#39) in series (222 episodes)
Network ABC-TV
Air date January 30,1990
Written by Stephen Paymer
Directed by John Pasquin
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An Officer and a Gentleman

Born to Be Wild was the 16th episode of Season 2 of Roseanne, also the 39th overall series episode. Written by Stephen Paymer, the episode was directed by John Pasquin. It originally aired on ABC-TV on January 30,1990.


Dan and Roseanne's old biker buddy Ziggy shows up in Lanford, saving the Conners from their rut.


  • Ziggy's full name is Norbert Walsh.
  • Dan's biker nickname from high school was Yor.


Ziggy: I did the whole Main Street - Lanford Avenue Loop. Went by the high school, went by Cooks. Absolutely nothing's changed! Not even those railroad tracks at the supermarket that go right into the cement wall - (looks at Darlene) in my opinion a perfect metaphor for Lanford.
Darlene: Have you ever killed anyone?

Ziggy (about Roseanne): How do you live with this chick?
Dan: I have to. I'm married to her.
Ziggy: You guys got married?
Roseanne: You were in the wedding.
Ziggy: Righhhht.

Dan (to Ziggy): I thought I could do it, but I can't sell you my bike, it's just too many memories.
Ziggy: That's great, fine, don't sell me the bike, I'm not saying sell me the bike. Don't sell me the bike, but don't do it because you're still hanging onto the past, man. Do it because you're going to get back on it. You've been riding that sofa too long.
Dan (to Ziggy): I'm not a teenager anymore!
Ziggy: Neither am I! I haven't had study hall in... 20 years!

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