Chuckie Mitchell
Chuck and Dan playing poker in the episode "White Men Can't Kiss" in Season 5.
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Mechanic/Factory worker
Poker playing buddy of Dan and husband of Anne-Marie, an old childhood friend of Roseanne and Jackie
Spouse(s): Anne-Marie Mitchell (1 child)
Character information
Appeared on: Roseanne
Episodes appeared in: 15 from Seasons 3-9
First appearance:
"Trick or Treat" (Season 3)
Last appearance:
"Honor Thy Mother" (Season 9)
Character played by: James Pickens, Jr.

 Chuckie Mitchell is a poker playing buddy and friend of Dan Conner and husband of Anne-Marie Mitchell a childhood friend of Roseanne Conner, Chuckie appears in a recurring basis on Roseanne, appearing in fifteen episodes of the series. The part of Chuckie is played by veteran stage/TV/film actor James Pickens, Jr..

About ChuckEdit

Chuck or "Chuckie", is one of Dan Conner's poker playing buddies who also worked with him for a time at his garage. He is married to Anne-Marie, a long time friend of Roseanne and Jackie. Usually, when Chuck, Dan and the guys get together, the conversation is uaually very light, talking about beer, babes, and at time complaing about the wives when they play poker together. But, the tone turns to the issue of race, when D.J. refuses to kiss a black classmate for a play at his school in the episode "White Men Can't Kiss" in Season 7.

Dan is forced to confront the issue, and examine his own views on race, after he asks Chuck for his opinion on the subject. Chuck, in questioning Dan's asking, answers, "Why did you ask me, because I was Black?", when Dan, embarrased, sheepishly repsponds, "Well, uh Yes..." Chuck then responds "So, if I say it's OK, all other Black people must think it's OK?!" After this Dan confronts D.J., who then agrees to kiss the girl in the play.

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