Crystal Anderson-Conner
Natalie West as Crystal Anderson.
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Born: Lanford, Illinois
Factory worker at Wellman Plastics, then Cosmetic Saleswomen, then housewife
The neurotic, but good-hearted slightly older childhood friend of Roseanne and Jackie. She later marries Dan's father, Ed.
Spouse(s): Sonny (Deceased)
Travis (Divorced)
Ed Conner
Related to: Lonnie (Son)
Ed Jr. (Son)
Angela (Daughter)
Dan Conner (Stepson)
Roseanne Conner (Step Daughter In-Law)
Becky Conner (Step Granddaughter)
Darlene Conner (Step Granddaughter)
D.J. Conner (Step Grandson)
Jerry Conner (Step Grandson)
Character information
Seasons: 1–6, 8, 10
First Appearance: "Life and Stuff"
Last Appearance: "Shower the People You Love with Stuff"
Total Episodes: 58
Played by: Natalie West
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Crystal Anderson-Conner was one of Roseanne and Jackie's best friends who begins dating, then marries Ed Conner, Dan's father on Roseanne. The part of Crystal is played by Natalie West.

About CrystalEdit

Crystal is a neurotic but good-hearted friend of Roseanne and Jackie from childhood who later became Dan's stepmother, despite being roughly his age. A self-described "doormat" when it comes to men, she speaks with a Southern accent despite having grown up in Lanford because her father was from Arkansas. Crystal refers to most of her young life as a great tragedy, having been kicked out by her mother at age sixteen and being forced to live with an aunt. She married in July of the year she graduated high school (age eighteen) but her first husband, Sonny, died just a year later as a result of falling into the pillar of a new bridge as the cement was being poured (and was still part of the bridge). She soon found herself married to another man (Travis, a welder), whom she later divorced but they remained friends.

Crystal grieved the death of Sonny through several years and couldn't look past it. Crystal also bore a son, through her marriage to Sonny, named Lonnie. Crystal worked at the Wellman Plastics factory with Roseanne and Jackie and quit in order to start a successful cosmetics sales career. Crystal married two times before marrying Dan's father, Ed (against Dan's strong disapproval), and bore two children, Little Ed and Angela with him. Their marriage is perceived to be happy, with Ed's absences creating most of the conflict. A regular cast-member for the Third Season and Fourth Season, Crystal appears as an occasional recurring character before and afterwards.