Dan's Birthday Bash was the ninth episode of Roseanne, also the 9th episode of the Season 1 of the series. Directed by Ellen Falcon and written by Grace McKeaney, it originally aired on ABC-TV on January 3, 1989.


Roseanne and the kids surprise Dan with an extensive birthday breakfast. Later on in the evening, Roseanne throws Dan a party at the Lobo. During the party, Dan comes close to being violent with another guy, but is stopped by Roseanne.

Afraid that he'll look like a wimp, Dan vows to he beat up the guy the next time he sees him. Meanwhile, Becky is invited to Chip's for a dinner.


  • In this episode, we learn that Dan's birthday is in January. In the season three episode PMS. I Love You, Dan celebrates his birthday in November.
  • Chip's mother is seen for the first time.


Roseanne (to Darlene): Where's your father?
Darlene: He went out.
Roseanne: Why?
Darlene: Well, he got mad at Dwight and threw his hammer through the drywall.
Roseanne: Well, it is Saturday.

Becky (to Roseanne about having dinner at Chip's house): What if they serve me something that makes me gag, like okra?
Roseanne: Then you spit it into your napkin and put it in your purse.
Becky: That's gross.
Roseanne: Not if nobody sees ya.

Becky (while talking to her parents about the nice dinner she had at Chip's house): ...But the dinner was awful.
Roseanne: I don't understand that, because I made sure to give Chip's mom a list of your favorite foods. Ya know, liver, onions, cauliflower.
Becky: Good thing I brought my big purse.

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