Dear Mom and Dad (originally aired on ABC-TV on April 18, 1989) was the 22nd episode of of Season 1 of Roseanne, also the 22nd overall series episode. The episode was written by Danny Jacobson and directed by John Sgueglia.


Roseanne's parents, Al and Beverly Harris, show up unannounced in Lanford, driving the family into an uproar. Bev is quick to criticize each of her daughters behind their backs.

When Al and Bev announce they might move in the neighborhood, Roseanne finally explodes on her parents.


  • This episode marks the first appearance of Roseanne's parents Al and Beverly Harris.
  • This is the first appearance of Roseanne and Jackie's parents on-screen together. Estelle Parsons will make more guest appearances in future episodes.
  • This is the first of two appearances that John Randolph makes as Roseanne and Jackie's dad. The second and final appearance is in the first Thanksgiving episode of the show in season two.
  • Actor Bruce Willis has a walk-on in this episode's tag.


Darlene: You guys think we don't get your corny, little sex jokes.
Roseanne: Hey, you kids are our corny, little sex jokes.

Roseanne (to Darlene): What are you doing up?
Darlene: Grandpa's in the bathroom making those gagging noises.
Roseanne: Eeeeewwww.
Darlene: He's been at it for at least half an hour.
Roseanne: Well, he should have all of it up by now.

Bev (to Roseanne): Your father's diet is low salt, low fat, and high fiber.
Roseanne: Why don't we just get him some wood?

Bev: Roseanne, Dan shouldn't sleep on his left side. It's bad for the heart.
Dan: (to himself) So is a rusty spike.

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