Don't Make Room for Daddy was the 17th episode of Season 6 of Roseanne, also the 139th overall series episode. It was written by Stevie Ray Fromstein and Kevin Abbott, and was directed by Phillip Charles MacKenzie. It originally aired on ABC-TV on February 15, 1994.


In the heat of anger, Dan told Fred to fight for custody of the baby. Jackie is heartbroken when faced with the papers, and Dan tries to hide the fact that he is the one who suggested it.

Plot summaryEdit

Jackie is served with custody papers by Fred demanding access to his baby and is devastated, while Dan is horrified when Fred tells him he did it due to his advice the previous week. While Roseanne is ready to kill Fred, she soon finds out that Dan was the one who suggested it and still stands by his opinion. Mark agrees with Fred and Dan. David is forced to play tie-breaker. Things may finally cool down between Fred and Jackie when "the biggest secret of all".

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