Flo Anderson
Flo Anderson
Flo Anderson (Florence Henderson) in scene with Roseanne Conner (Roseanne Barr) in the episode "Suck Up or Shut Up" in Season 6.
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Housewife/Member, committe boardperson, Lanford Women's Association
Wife of prominent businessman whom Leon tries to get Roseanne to suck up to in an attempt to attract more customers from the LWA to the Lunchbox restaurant.
Character information
Seasons: 5
Only Appearance: "Suck Up or Shut Up"
Total Episodes: 1
Played by: Florence Henderson
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Flo Anderson is a contact of Roseanne Conner who appears in the Season six episode of Roseanne titled Suck Up or Shut Up. The part of Flo is played by veteran TV/stage actress Florence Henderson, well known to TV viewers as "Carol Brady" on the ABC-TV series The Brady Bunch.

About FloEdit

When Leon attempts to woo potential customers to The Lanford Lunchbox, he tries to get Roseanne to "suck up" to Flo, who is on the committee of the Lanford Women's Association, of which she and Jackie are members of. THis includes making D.J. play with one Flo's weird son, Elijah Anderson (Nicolas Meyst).