File:3.jpgname = Harris Conner-Healy|gender = Female|race = Caucasian|relatives = David Healy - D.J. Conner - (maternal uncle) Jerry Garcia Conner - (maternal uncle) Mark Healy - (paternal uncle)

Jackie Harris - (maternal great aunt)}}

Harris Conner Healy is the daughter of Darlene Conner Healy and David Healy. She is the only granddaughter to Roseanne and Dan Conner. She was born prematurely. Harris is the niece to Becky and Mark Healy and D,J and Jerry Conner. Also, she is the great granddaughter to Bev and Al Harris and Audrey and Ed Conner. She is the great niece to Jackie Harris.

Harris appeared in the two final episodes of series.

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