House of Grown-Ups was the fifth episode of Season 2 of Roseanne, also the 28th overall series episode. Written by Joss Whedon, the episode was directed by John Pasquin. It originally aired on ABC-TV on October 10, 1989.


After a lonely architect has dinner at the Conners', he attempts to buy their friendship with extravagant gifts. He latches on to the family and becomes a regular at the Conner house until Dan has to talk with him about friendship.


  • On the Roseanne Season 2 dvd, this episode is actually the one where Jackie is leaving for the police force and not where the Conners meet Uncle Bert.


Dan: I had a dream last night that I was on my way to Oz with DJ and Toto and the wicked witch looks her crystal ball and Burt Drucker's one of the flying monkeys.

Roseanne (about Burt): All he wants is a little love and affection. Remember, Dan, we're children of the '60s, we're supposed to love everybody and let's face it, that's the only thing we can afford to give.

Roseanne: Hey, what'd I tell you guys about eating cookies before you've had dinner?
Becky: To use a plate?
Roseanne: Right!

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