"Isn't It Romantic?"
Season 6, Episode 24
Number (#146) in series (222 episodes)
Network ABC-TV
Air date May 17, 1994
Written by Teleplay by:
Leif Sandaas and Cynthia Hogle
Story by:
Timothy Schlattmann and Perry Dance
Directed by Phillip Charles MacKenzie
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Body by Jake
Altar Egos (Season 6 finale)

Isn't It Romantic? was the 24th episode of Season 6 of Roseanne, also the 146th overall series episode. It was written by Leif Sandaas and Cynthia Hogle from an original story by Timothy Schlattmann and Perry Dance, and was directed by Phillip Charles MacKenzie. It originally aired on ABC-TV on May 17, 1994.


Mark and David struggle with the concept of feminism. Fred asks Roseanne about ways to propose to Jackie, and uses lines from her favorite soap opera. Roseanne demands passion from Dan, but turns to fantasy instead.

Plot summaryEdit

In the episode "Isn't It Romantic?," guest stars from the soap opera One Life to Live appear as their characters: John Loprieno as Cord Roberts, Clint Ritchie as Clint Buchanan, and Robert Woods as Bo Buchanan. Fred (Michael O'Keefe) takes Jackie on a weekend getaway to Lake Geneva, WI, and proposes to her, while Dan and Roseanne try to put some spark back into their romance.

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