Jackie Harris
Laurie Metcalf as Jackie.
Personal Information
Gender: Female
Nickname Jackie
Born: September 14, 1956
Co-Owner, The Lunch Box
Truck Driver
Police Officer
Department Store Perfume Girl
Lineworker, Wellman Plastics
somewhat neurotic sister of Roseanne who has had man troubles; she is a warm, loving and devoted aunt to Becky,Darlene and D.J.
Spouse(s): Fred Oakland (ex-husband)
Related to: Andy (son)
Roseanne Conner (sister)
Beverly Harris (mother)
Nana Mary (grandmother)
Dan Conner (brother-in-law)
Becky Conner (niece)
Darlene Conner (niece)
D.J. Conner (nephew)
Jerry Garcia Conner (nephew)
Character information
Appeared on: Roseanne
Episodes appeared in: 221 episodes in series
First appearnace:
Life and Stuff (Season 1)
Last appearance:
Into That Good Night, Part 2 (Season 9)
Character played by: Laurie Metcalf

Marjorie "Jackie" Harris (born 1956) is played by Laurie Metcalf on the series. Her mother revealed that her name was, or probably still is, Marjorie. But the 3-year-old Roseanne couldn't pronounce and instead called her "My Jackie". They all found it cute and began calling her that, until it became her name. She is the younger sister of Roseanne by 3 years, and the sister-in-law of Dan, and the loving and caring aunt of Becky, Darlene, D.J. and Jerry. Later in the series, she becomes the mother of Andy, and the wife of Fred (although they divorce after just over a year of marriage), and the great-aunt of Harris Conner Healy, the daughter of Darlene and her husband David Healy. The part of Jackie is appears in all but one episode of the series.

She is warm but neurotic, a trait which only grows over the course of the series, especially during her pregnancy and the birth of her son. She is later described as being the backbone of the family by Roseanne. 

Over the course of the nine seasons, Jackie is in relationship with various men including Booker (one of her bosses at Wellman Plastics), the physically abusive Fisher, and Fred. After her divorce, she becomes a successful single mother, dedicating herself to her son. In episode "Born to be wild" Jackie mention that "some things you lose to the wrong person" which indicate that she slept with Ziggy as her first time. 

Throughout the series, Jackie works at several jobs:

  • Wellman Plastics with Roseanne with whom she walked out
  • As a spray girl in the cosmetic department of Rodbell's
  • An actress/clerk at local theater
  • A police officer during which she was injured and quit rather than being forced to take a desk job
  • A truck driver which she later quit 
  • Co-owner of the Lanford Lunchbox with Roseanne, Nancy, Beverly, and later Leon. It was during her time as a truck driver that she bought a "loose meat" sandwich, and it was this which led to her and Roseanne deciding to open the restaurant. 

It is revealed in the final episode of the series that rather than their mother being a lesbian, it was Jackie. Roseanne simply wrote her sister having the long string of boyfriends because she could always picture Jackie being with a man. 

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