Janet Leahy
Janet Leahy
Vital information
Born: ????
Gender Female
Nationality American
Television producer and writer
Series involement
Series: Roseanne
Episodes appeared in/
involved with:
Served as supervising/consulting producer in 40 episodes, Seasons 7-9
writer of 2 episodes "Someday My Prince Will Come" and "Another Mouth to Shut Up", in Season 8

Janet Leahy is an Emmy Award nominated American television writer and producer. She has worked in both capacities on the AMC drama series Mad Men and won a WGA Award for her work on the show.[1][2] Janet served as a producer in 40 episodes of Roseanne from Seasons 7-9, serving as a consulting producer for 22 episodes, and a supervising producer in 18 episodes. She also wrote the script for two episodes, "Someday My Prince Will Come" and "Another Mouth to Shut Up", both in Season 8 of the series.


Leahy joined the crew of Mad Men as a consulting producer for the fourth season in 2010. She co-wrote the episode "The Summer Man" with series creator and executive producer Matthew Weiner and consulting producer Lisa Albert. Leahy and the writing staff won the WGA Award for Best Drama Series for their work on the fourth season. Some of Leahy's other television credits include The Cosby Show, Cheers, Roseanne, Boston Legal , Wings and Gilmore Girls.

Awards and nominationsEdit

  • 1987 Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series for Cheers
  • 2007 Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series for Boston Legal
  • 2011 WGA Award for Best Drama Series for Mad Men


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