Labor Day was the 19th episode of Season 6 of Roseanne, also the 141st overall series episode. It was written by Miriam Trogdon from an original story by Rob Ulin, and was directed by Phillip Charles MacKenzie. It originally aired on ABC-TV on March 8, 1994.


Roseanne becomes upset that Jackie wants Fred in the delivery room instead of her. But she's the one who is there when the contractions start, and she doesn't contact Fred. Jackie gives birth to a son and names him Andy.

Plot summaryEdit

Jackie decides she wants Fred, the baby daddy, to be in the delivery room instead of Roseanne. Roseanne tries to trick Jackie that she should be in the delivery room, even after being told Jackie wants Fred, However, Roseanne, not to be denied from witnessing the birth of her newborn nephew, is able to con her way into Lanford Hospital after being told Jackie couldnt have her baby there because Jackie didn't have insurance.

Bev reveals to Jackie that her real name is Marjorie in the delivery room and puts slippers on her. Dan finds Fred and doesn't tell Roseanne until after he makes her feel bad for being selfish.

Note: Sara Gilbert, who plays the part of Darlene Conner, does not appear in this episode.

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