Language Lessons was the fourth episode of Roseanne, also the 4th episode of the Season 1 of the series. Directed by Ellen Falcon and written by David McFadden, it originally aired on ABC-TV on November 22, 1988


Dan is irritated with Jackie and her meddling ways. Anything that she says is grating on his nerves. When Jackie says that his "special chili" is bland, he loses it. Roseanne is caught in the middle as the two of them pull her in each direction for support. The arguing explodes and Roseanne is left to straighten it out.


  • This is one of the initial episodes of Roseanne in which we see the constant love-hate relationship between Dan & Jackie. In the beginning of the series, Dan & Jackie were fighting a lot of the time, we see their true feelings in this episode.


Roseanne (aabout Jackie): You knew when you married me that I had a sister!
Dan: But I didn't think she'd be be here every weekend.
Roseanne: Well I didn't think I'D be here every weekend.

Dan (to Jackie): Hey! You can insult my wife and you can insult my children, but never bad mouth my chili!

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