Lawrence Broch

Vital information
Gender Male
Producer, TV sketchwriter, director
Years active 1993-present
Series involement
Series: Roseanne
Episodes appeared in/
involved with:
story editor, executive story writer, co-executive producer for 80 episodes from Seasons 6-9
writer for 8 episodes from Seasons 6-9

Lawrence Broch served in numerous capacties concerning Roseanne, serving as a writer, story editor, executive story writer and consulting as well as co-executive producer. He was involved in a total of 90 episodes from Seasons 6-9. In addition to his work on Roseanne, Lawrence has produced or written for numerous other popular TV series, such as "Harry's Law" (co-producer/writer for 21 episodes), Boston Legal (80 episodes), George Lopez (Season 1 episode "Happy Birthdays"), and Ellen (20 episodes).

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