"Let's Call It Quits"
Season 1, Episode 23
Number (#23) in series (222 episodes)
Network ABC-TV
Air date May 2, 1989
Written by Grace McKeaney
Directed by Ellen Falcon
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Dear Mom and Dad
Inherit the Wind (Season 2 premiere)

Let's Call it Quits, which originally aired on ABC-TV on May 2, 1989 was the 23rd and finale episode of of Season 1 of Roseanne, also the 23rd overall series episode. The episode was written by Grace McKeaney and directed by Ellen Falcon.


Roseanne has difficulty accepting the new rules from a tough new supervisor at the factory. After he raises the cap on the quotas yet again, Roseanne approaches him to try and get him to ease off. The boss agrees, but he needs a favor from her in return. They come to a temporary agreement that ends up resulting in a permanent solution.


  • This is the last appearance of Booker until the fourth season's Halloween episode.
  • This is the final episode to feature the factory set.
  • Because they never seemed to get any laughs in any of the factory scenes, Roseanne and her cast jokingly believed that the Wellman factory set was built over a haunted Indian burial ground. When the Conner kids' bedrooms were later built over the factory set, Roseanne and the crew thought the laughs came few, again, and joked that their theory was right.


Jackie: Why is it we work long hours at a job we hate for $8 an hour which we can't even live on with quotas we can't fill or else we get canned?

Roseanne: If it's one thing I hate to see in a plastic factory, its bits of plastic lying all over the place!

Mr. Faber (to Roseanne): I know how business works, sugar. You scratch my back, I scratch yours. Now, I'm more than willing to scratch your back. The question is, are you willing to scratch mine?
Roseanne: Now, Mrs. Faber isn't going to jump out of the closet dressed as a Dutch girl, is she?

Mr. Faber (to a table of Roseanne, Jackie, Crystal, and several co-workers): Well, are you little ladies enjoying your lunch?
Roseanne: Well the veal is tre bien, and how is your swordfish, sis?
Jackie: As usual, the food is to die for, but the ambiance stinks.

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