Name: Lonnie Anderson

Gender: male

Born: Lanford, Illinois

Occupation: student

Mother: Crystal Anderson-Conner

Father: Sonny (deceased)

Siblings: Ed Jr. (half-brother) Angela (half-sister)

Step Relatives: Ed Conner (step father) Dan Conner (step brother)
Roseanne Conner (step sister in-law)
Becky Conner-Healy (step niece in-law)
Darlene Conner (step niece in-law)
D.J. Conner (step nephew in-law)

Played_By: Josh C. Williams (season 1) Luke Edwards (season 2) Kristopher Kent Hill (season 3-6)

About LonnieEdit

Lonnie is the son of Crystal and Sonny. He is about the same age as Darlene. He is close to his mother, even writing a poem about her in season 2, but he also sometimes gets annoyed at her. He gets very upset when his mother marries Ed, but seasons later Dan suggested that Ed is ruining their lives and Lonnie responds by saying that he's not.

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