Lover's Lane was the sixth episode of Roseanne, also the 6th episode of the Season 1 of the series. Directed by Ellen Falcon and written by Laurie Gelman, it originally aired on ABC-TV on December 6, 1988.


The Conner family spends a Friday night at the bowling alley. Becky deals with the problems of most teenagers as she is interested in a boy at the bowling alley and is afraid of the embarrassment that might occur due to her mother. In the meantime, Jackie and Booker raise the stakes in their friendly game of bowling.


  • Chip (the boy behind the counter in the bowling alley) becomes Becky's first boyfriend in the series.
  • When Jackie and Booker are settling on the terms of their bet, Jackie's suspenders are missing in one shot and back in the next.


[DJ has chocolate all over him]
Roseanne: Hey, look what I found.
Dan: Where did you find it?
Roseanne: Stuck to a video machine. (reaches into DJ's shirt pocket and pulls out a ice cream sandwich) What do you have in your pocket?!
DJ: An ice cream sandwich.
Roseanne: Smart move!
DJ: I was savin' it for later.

Roseanne (to Dan): I can bowl a strike anytime I want.
Dan: Oh, yeah? How's that?
Roseanne: I just pretend the pins are the kids and this is your head.

Crystal: Why do people leave their dairy products out?
Roseanne: I don't know Crystal. It's a sick world.

Dan: Girls always go for guys that remind them of their fathers.
Roseanne: Not if they listen to their mothers.

Roseanne (to Jackie): How's that bet going with you and Booker?
Jackie: Booker is beating the pants off of me literally.

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