Mark K. Samuels
Vital information
Born: (1956-09-16) September 16, 1956 (age 61)
Gender Male
TV producer/director
Years active 1993-present
Series involement
Series: Roseanne
Episodes appeared in/
involved with:
Served as associate producer/stage manager/ 185 episodes in total, Seasons 1-8
Also directed 22 episodes from Seasons 1-9
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Mark K. Samuels (born September 16, 1956) served in various capacities on Roseanne throughout its run on ABC-TV, serving as an associate proudcer and stage manager from the pilot episode in Season 1 to Season 8. Mark also directed 22 episodes of the series. In total, Mark was involved with 207 of the 222 episodes of the show. Amongst his other credits, Mark has either directed episodes for, or served as an associate director for such popular TV sitcom series as Malcola & Eddie, The John Larroquette Show, Three's Company, Two and a Half Men, where he has served as first associate director since its run on CBS-TV.

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