Bobby Gaylor
Bobby Gaylor
actor/comedian/musician Bobby Gaylor served as a staff writer for the Season 9 episode "Roseambo".
Vital information
Birthplace Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.
Gender Male
comedy sketchwriter, actor, voice actor, producer, and director
Years active 1996-present
Series involement
Series: Roseanne
Episodes appeared in/
involved with:
"Roseambo" in Season 9

Robert "Bobby" Gaylor, aka R.Gaylor is a comedy sketchwriter, actor, voice actor, producer, and director,[1] spoken word artist and former stand-up comic. He was raised in Boston and moved to L.A. to write for Roseanne Barr's television sitcom Roseanne, serving as a staff writer for the Season 9 episode "Roseambo". He later paired his comedy writing and life stories with music, and along with his friends and fellow musicians Marc Bonilla and Michael Scott, recorded and released an album on Atlantic Records, called Fuzzatonic Scream.[2]

He plays Buford on Disney's hit animation show Phineas and Ferb, he wrote some episodes, and wrote and performed soundtracks of the series. He co-produced 16 episodes of the ABC-TV sitcom Hope & Faith


  • Fuzzatonic Scream (Atlantic)


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