Season: Season 5
Country/Language United States
Original Run:
First episode: September 15, 1992
Final episode: May 18, 1993
Number of episodes 25
Created by: Roseanne Barr & Matt Williams
Executive producer(s): Roseanne Barr, Marcy Carsey & Tom Werner
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This page lists the episodes shown in Season 5 of the ABC-TV series Roseanne.

Season summaryEdit

Season 5 (1992-93)Edit

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Title Directed by Written by Original air date
98 1 "Terms of Estrangement, Part 1" Andrew D. Weyman Sy Dukane and Denise Moss September 15, 1992
Roseanne and Dan must adjust to losing their bike shop and money, and they begin to seek new jobs. Meanwhile, Mark gets a great job offer in Minnesota and Becky runs off with him and they get married. 
99 2 "Terms of Estrangement, Part 2" Andrew D. Weyman Rob Ulin September 22, 1992
Becky returns home for her things, while Roseanne tries to accept Becky's marriage and tries to cheer up Dan after the loss of his bike shop. 
100 3 "The Dark Ages" Andrew D. Weyman Eric Gilliland and Mike Gandolfi September 29, 1992

The Conners' electricity is cut off when they can't pay their bill. Darlene accidentally spends the night with David and her parents don't believe her when she claims they didn't sleep together.

This episode concluded with a fourth wall-breaking moment of Roseanne and Laurie Metcalf wrestling over the Emmy Award Metcalf won that year. John Goodman eventually joined in before they all ran offstage and out a studio door accompanied by Tom Arnold

101 4 "Mommy Nearest" Andrew D. Weyman Janice Jordan and Monica Piper October 6, 1992

Jackie starts going out with a much younger guy, Fisher. Bev makes a lot of money when she sells her house and she'll give much of it to her daughters IF they let her move to Lanford.

Absent:Lecy Goranson as Becky Conner-Healey

102 5 "Pretty in Black" Andrew D. Weyman Amy Sherman October 13, 1992

The Conners enjoy torturing Darlene by making her think they're giving her a Sweet-Sixteen party for her birthday. The Conners meet their new neighbors, Ty Tilden and his daughters Charlotte and Molly.

Absent:Lecy Goranson as Becky Conner-Healey 

103 6 "Looking for Loans in All the Wrong Places" Andrew D. Weyman Eileen Heisler and DeAnn Heline October 20, 1992

Roseanne decides to open a loose-meat restaurant with Jackie and Nancy. When she can't get a bank loan, she goes to her mother as a last resort; In order for Bev to agree to put up another $10,000, the trio reluctantly let her become their 4th partner.

Absent:Lecy Goranson as Becky Conner-Healey 

104 7 "Halloween IV" Andrew D. Weyman Rob Ulin October 27, 1992

Becky's absence has drained Roseanne's Halloween spirit, so she's visited by the Ghosts of Halloween Past, Present, and Future--and the future is truly terrifying.

Absent:Lecy Goranson as Becky Conner-Healey 

105 8 "Ladies' Choice" Andrew D. Weyman David Raether and Betsy Borns November 10, 1992

Roseanne and Jackie are shocked to discover that Nancy is a lesbian. Roseanne starts to think she's getting old when Bev decides to move into a retirement community.

Absent:Lecy Goranson as Becky Conner-Healey 

106 9 "Stand on Your Man" Andrew D. Weyman

Sy Dukane and Denise Moss

November 17, 1992

Roseanne is threatened at work, prompting the girls to sign up for a self-defense class. When Arnie returns for Nancy, he learns about her lesbian lifestyle.

Absent:Lecy Goranson as Becky Conner-Healey 

107 10 "Good Girls, Bad Girls" Andrew D. Weyman Amy Sherman November 24, 1992

Molly has an extra ticket for a rock concert and Roseanne reluctantly agrees to let Darlene go. When Darlene doesn't come home until 4AM, Roseanne doesn't quite believe her explanation that Molly ditched her to smoke pot in a stranger's van.

Note: Last appearance of Lecy Goranson as Becky Conner-Healey 

108 11 "Of Ice and Men" Andrew D. Weyman Robert Borden and Norm Macdonald December 1, 1992
Dan loves that DJ wants to be a hockey player but has a hard time teaching him, so Fisher offers to help. Jackie breaks up with him "before he dumps" her "for a younger woman." When Roseanne convinces her to get back together with him, she ends up moving in with him. 
109 12 "It's No Place Like Home for The Holidays Andrew D. Weyman Eric Gilliland December 15, 1992
A snowstorm forces the Conners to be far-flung apart on Christmas Eve: Roseanne, Jackie, Bev, and Nana Mary are stuck at the Lunchbox; Dan, DJ, and Nancy are at the Conner house; and Darlene is at David's, learning about his abusive home life. 
110 13 "Crime and Punishment" Andrew D. Weyman Bruce Rasmussen January 5, 1993
DJ brings one of Darlene's comic books to school and a teacher calls it "obscene." When Darlene seeks DJ out for stealing her book, she finds Jackie in the bathroom covered with bruises. When Roseanne and Dan realize that Fisher has been beating her, Dan beats Fisher up and lands in jail. Ed Begley, Jr. appears in this episode. 
111 14 "War and Peace" Andrew D. Weyman Eileen Heisler and DeAnn Heline January 12, 1993
As Roseanne takes Jackie to the hospital and Darlene bails Dan out of jail, the story of Dan's defending Jackie quickly spreads through town. Meanwhile, Fisher begs Jackie to come back to him. Roseanne is prepared to attack him herself, but learns that Jackie is strong enough to make her own decisions. 
112 15 "Lanford Daze" Andrew D. Weyman Monica Piper and David Raether January 26, 1993
Darlene vandalizes the Lunch Box and Roseanne forces her to sell loose-meat sandwiches at the Lanford Days concession. Darlene is chagrined, but the town is thrilled when their festival is visited by a celebrity, Loretta Lynn
113 16 "Wait Till Your Father Gets Home" Andrew D. Weyman Amy Sherman February 9, 1993
Roseanne and Jackie's father dies and his mistress shows up for the funeral. 
114 17 "First Cousin, Twice Removed" Andrew D. Weyman Janice Jordan February 16, 1993
Roseanne's obnoxious, wealthy cousin comes to town, hoping to end the feud that began years ago when she did not put Roseanne in her wedding party. She encourages Darlene to take her savings and follow her to New York City. 
115 18 "Lose a Job, Winnebago" Andrew D. Weyman Norm Macdonald February 23, 1993
The Conners go on a roadtrip with Molly's family for a taping of The Jackie Thomas Show; Dan tries to persuade Roseanne to have another child. 
116 19 "It's a Boy!" Andrew D. Weyman Rob Ulin March 2, 1993
Darlene begs Roseanne to let David move in with them; after immediately refusing, Roseanne relents when she realizes that his situation really is intolerable. 
117 20 "It was Twenty Years Ago Today" Andrew D. Weyman Betsy Borns March 9, 1993
During Roseanne and Dan's anniversary, Dan borrows Roseanne's wedding ring to remodel the design. Roseanne poses for a sexy photograph for Dan. Bill Maher appears in this episode. 
118 21 "Playing with Matches" Andrew D. Weyman Robert Borden March 23, 1993
Roseanne tries to set her mother up with a friend from the retirement home; Molly puts the moves on David. 
119 22 "Promises, Promises" Andrew D. Weyman Mike Gandolfi April 6, 1993
Darlene decides to attend the prom with David, and then take him to a motel room afterward. Are both of them ready for sex? Is either one ready? Tim Curry appears in this episode. 
120 23 "Glengarry, Glen Rosey" Philip Charles MacKenzie Teleplay: Scott Burton and Lois Bromfield

Story: Sy Dukane and Denise Moss

May 4, 1993
Dan finishes remodeling a house, but is close to losing his own house. 
121 24 "Tooth or Consequences" Gail Mancuso Leslie Reider May 11, 1993
Dan accidentally knocks out Roseanne's tooth the day the health inspector visits. Darlene is accepted to a Chicago art school, but can she leave David? Bob Odenkirk appears in this episode. 
122 25 "Daughters and Other Strangers" Jeff Margolis Eric Gilliland May 18, 1993
Roseanne and Dan agree to let Darlene go to art school in Chicago; DJ befriends an annoying neighbor boy (Joseph Gordon-Levitt). 

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