"Roseanne: Season Seven"
Season: Season 7
Country/Language United States
Original Run:
First episode: September 21, 1994
Final episode: May 24, 1995
Number of episodes 26
Created by: Roseanne Barr & Matt Williams
Executive producer(s): Roseanne Barr, Marcy Carsey & Tom Werner
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This page lists the episodes shown in Season 7 of the ABC-TV series Roseanne.

Season summaryEdit

Season 7 (1994-1995)Edit

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Title Directed by Written by Original air date
148 1 "Nine is Enough" Gail Mancuso Teleplay: Stevie Ray Fromstein and Pat Bullard

Story: Rob Ulin

September 21, 1994

Dan is sick of having so many people living in the house and wants Becky and Mark to move out, Roseanne agrees until Becky tells them she and Mark are trying to get pregnant. Jackie has become overly protective of the baby, causing problems between her and Fred. After a fight, she goes to stay at Roseanne's place. When everyone finds out that Dan shaves his armpits (due to a cyst) Dan storms off to stay at Fred's. Jackie and Fred make-up and Roseanne tells Dan she gave Becky and Mark until May to move out, then announces she is pregnant.

Closing Tag: Dan, in shock over Roseanne's announcement sits at the kitchen table as Roseanne's pregnancy progresses until the day of their son's first birthday party.

Also Starring: Michael O'Keefe, Johnny GaleckiGlenn Quinn

Featuring: Travis Weaver as Ralph 

149 2 "Two for One" Gail Mancuso Stephen Godchaux September 28, 1994

Jackie sees Darlene's car at a motel and tells Roseanne, who thinks Darlene and David have broken their promise to abstain from having sex. Roseanne is shocked to learn that Darlene is seeing a guy named Jimmy and David knows. David gives Darlene an ultimatum about Jimmy, when she chooses Jimmy, Darlene and David break-up. Dan admits to Jackie that he is afraid about having another baby, Jackie assures him he is always a wreck when Roseanne gets pregnant and Roseanne always comforts him, but when Dan tells Roseanne his fears, Roseanne lashes out at him. Roseanne later reveals to Jackie she is also scared and Jackie convinces her to confide in Dan. She tries to tell Dan, but ends up comforting him like always.

Closing Tag: Throughout the episode family members drink milk from the fridge that is sour, then put it back in the fridge. Dan is the last one to drink the milk and ends up convulsing, but manages to get the milk back in the fridge before dying on the kitchen floor.

Also Starring: Michael O'Keefe, Johnny Galecki

Absent: Sarah Chalke as Becky Conner-Healy 

150 3 "Snoop Davey Dave" Gail Mancuso Elaine Aronson October 5, 1994

David is devastated by his break-up with Darlene, when Roseanne tries to tell him to move on he angrily tells her about Darlene's drug use at college. Roseanne and Dan confront Darlene, though she denies it, David reveals he saw her do it and feels she will do it again. Roseanne is furious and refuses to allow Darlene to return to college. Darlene convinces Dan she won't do it again, though he won't admit it, he does try to convince Roseanne to let Darlene go back to school. Roseanne is adamant about keeping Darlene home until she realises David only told her about Darlene's drug use for his own selfish reasons. Though Roseanne can't trust Darlene, she is willing to let her go back to school.

Also Starring: Johnny GaleckiGlenn Quinn

Absent: Sarah Chalke as Becky Conner-Healy 

151 4 "Girl Talk" Gail Mancuso Miriam Trogdon October 12, 1994

Becky and Mark are arguing constantly and Roseanne finds out from Jackie that Mark hasn't been interested in sex. Jackie tells Roseanne about her own sexual problems with Fred while Roseanne reveals Dan has been trying unusual ways to get her in the mood. Roseanne tries to convince David to get out and meet girls but he isn't interested. Fred tries to have an open talk with Dan and Mark about their sex lives but all three end up realising they know more than they care to. Roseanne tries to talk to Becky about Mark, and is surprised when Becky reveals she has already been spending time with David talking about her issues with her husband.

Closing Tag: Becky, Roseanne and Jackie sit watching sport, drinking beer and smoking cigars, while Fred, Mark and Dan sit in the kitchen eating pudding Dan has made and talking about their feelings and body issues. After Roseanne makes a quip about Dan's weight in front of Fred and Mark, he cries and runs off.

Also Starring: Michael O'Keefe, Johnny GaleckiGlenn Quinn Guest Stars: Martin MullJohn McConnell

Absent:Sara Gilbert as Darlene Conner and Michael Fishman as D.J. Conner 

152 5 "Sleeper" Gail Mancuso Tim Doyle October 19, 1994

David thinks about moving out and Becky finds out that he had a sex dream and she thinks it is about her. When DJ tells Mark, Mark goes after David who finally admits the dream was about Roseanne. Roseanne is at first disgusted until Dan admits he had a similar dream about Bev when he first started dating Roseanne. David admits to Roseanne that he sees her as a mother figure and Roseanne believes the dream was about his desire for affection. When she reveals the truth to Becky, Becky seems disappointed and admits she is confused about her feelings for David.

Also Starring: Johnny GaleckiGlenn QuinnEstelle Parsons

Absent:Sara Gilbert as Darlene Conner 

153 6 "Skeleton in the Closet" Gail Mancuso Teleplay: William Lucas Walker and Lawrence Broch

StoryLois Bromfield

October 26, 1994

Leon begins to pay more attention to Fred who acts overly annoyed about it, Nancy and Leon think Fred doth protest too much. When Leon hosts a Halloween party, all his gay friends seem to know Fred quite well and Roseanne becomes convinced that Fred is gay. Roseanne is also convinced that Bev is going bald and wears a wig, and she is shocked to see a wig in the style of Bev's hair at her hairdresser.

Closing Tag: Bev admits she is bald and takes off her "wig". Then everyone else in the family take off their wigs to show they are bald too. Realising she has been pranked, Roseanne takes out a detonation device and blows up the house.

Also Starring: Michael O'Keefe, Johnny GaleckiGlenn QuinnEstelle Parsons Guest Stars: Martin MullSandra BernhardJazzmun Featuring: Bob NickmanAlec Mapa, Ken Kells

Absent:Sara Gilbert as Darlene Conner 

154 7 "Follow the Son" Gail Mancuso Dusty Kay November 2, 1994

DJ tries to get out of his busboy job at the Lunchbox, Roseanne refuses to fire him until he starts to tell Leon a few of Roseanne's secret work habits. David starts getting attention from girls and he begins dating again, but is upset when Mark reveals Darlene and Jimmy plan to move in together. David goes to Chicago and meets Jimmy, posing as Darlene's peer councillor Craig, he tells Jimmy about Darlene's serious mental health issues. Roseanne schemes to get DJ back to the Lunchbox and tells Dan that DJ needs to learn a work ethic, so Dan gives DJ a job at his work, forcing Roseanne to reveal that she really wants to spend more time with DJ. DJ reluctantly returns to the Lunchbox, but is glad he did when he sees the new busgirl Staci (Traci Lords). Jimmy confronts David with his lies about Darlene, believing instead that David is gay and interested in him, while Darlene finds out about David's lies and is disgusted by his desperate behaviour.

Closing Tag: In a parody of a porn movie called "Lunch Box Girls", Roseanne, Staci and Jackie star as horny waitresses working at "The Box". When a male customer comes in they undress him with the promise of getting hot, sweaty, gooey and slippery and end up making him clean out the grease trap while they watch.

Also Starring: Johnny GaleckiGlenn Quinn Guest Stars: Martin MullDanny MastersonJoseph Gordon-LevittTraci Lords Featuring: Bob Nickman, Diane Dorsey

Absent: Sarah Chalke as Becky Conner-Healy. 

155 8 "Punch and Jimmy" Gail Mancuso David Raether November 9, 1994

DJ is being bullied at school and Dan offers to teach him how to fight. DJ reveals his own patent moves for getting out of a fight which involves lying on the ground in the fetal position. David asks Dan to teach him how to fight, but Roseanne stops Dan, telling him David only wants to learn how to fight to impress Darlene, because Jimmy is a boxer. She tells him to encourage David to feel good about himself which Dan struggles with. Jackie and Roseanne head to Chicago to meet Jimmy. Roseanne dislikes Jimmy and tells Jackie she really wants David and Darlene back together. When DJ beats up David, Dan tries to comfort David and discovers David wasn't trying to impress Darlene, but was trying to impress Dan.

Closing Tag: Fred and Dan argue over a basketball game and Fred uses DJ's fetus position to avoid a fight. Dan gloats until he hears Roseanne come home and joins Fred.

Also Starring: Michael O'Keefe, Johnny GaleckiGlenn Quinn Guest Stars: Danny Masterson

Absent: Sarah Chalke as Becky Conner-Healy 

156 9 "White Men Can't Kiss" Gail Mancuso Rob Ulin and Kevin Abbott November 16, 1994

Jackie doesn't want Bev spending so much time at the house and is upset and baffled that Fred likes spending so much time with her. DJ doesn't want to kiss a girl named Gina at school for a play. Roseanne, feeling that DJ is being forced to do something he doesn't want to, meets with his teacher, who tells Roseanne that DJ doen't want to kiss Gina because she is black. Roseanne confronts DJ and tells him he has to kiss her, but he refuses and Dan supports his decision. After a fight with Chuck (James Pickens, Jr.) Dan questions his own bigotry, and he tells DJ he has to kiss Gina. Roseanne confronts her own bigotry when a man stops by late at night at the Lunchbox and she is afraid to let him in until he tells her he is Gina's father. He angrily confronts her and leaves her wondering if she was afraid to let him in because he was a man or because he was black.

Closing Tag: Bev is at Jackie and Fred's again annoying Jackie. When Jackie goes to bed, Bev reveals her true self, with a lower voice she smokes a cigar, drinks a beer and shares a few laughs with Fred.

Also Starring: Michael O'Keefe, Estelle Parsons

Absent:Sara Gilbert as Darlene Conner and Sarah Chalke as Becky Conner-Healy. 

157 10 "Thanksgiving '94" Gail Mancuso Miriam Trogdon and Lois Bromfield November 23, 1994
Roseanne gets alarming news about her pregnancy that she can't confirm with the prenatal clinic. Nana Mary, feeble new husband on her arm, upsets Bev by discussing the 2 abortions she had long ago. 
158 11 "Maybe Baby" Gail Mancuso Teleplay: Matt Berry and Ed Yeager

Story: Cynthia Mort

November 30, 1994

Roseanne and Dan are anxious about her pregnancy, and DJ steps up and says he will help with whatever is needed. There is good news, but the celebration is dimmed by another fight.

Absent:Sara Gilbert as Darlene Conner and Sarah Chalke as Becky Conner-Healy 

159 12 "The Parenting Trap" Gail Mancuso Sid Youngers December 14, 1994
DJ's teacher informs Dan and Roseanne that he is having difficulties at school and they fight over who will deal with the problem. Dan is upset because he thinks Roseanne doesn't respect his parenting skills. He learns from Mark that the problem is that DJ has begun having erections in class - preventing him from rising to go the front of the class - and so Dan tells DJ how to cover up. But Roseanne isn't satisfied with this solution and tries to do better by telling DJ about her first menstruation, which sends him away screaming, making Dan feel validated about his own parenting skills. 
160 13 "Rear Window" Gail Mancuso Michael Borkow and Danny Zuker January 4, 1995
The new nudist couple next door tell the Conners that they are perverted for watching them, so they put up a hedge. David's coffee-time with Becky worries Mark, so he enlists Darlene's help. 
161 14 "My Name is Bev" Gail Mancuso Bob Nickman January 11, 1995

After drunk-driving, Bev is forced to attend an AA meeting, where she realizes she is indeed an alcoholic. When she shows up at Dan's Super Bowl XXIX party, Roseanne tells the guests to hide the keg. This proves catastrophic.

Absent:Sarah Chalke as Becky Conner-Healy 

162 15 "Bed and Bored" Gail Mancuso Eric Gilliland February 1, 1995
Roseanne lies about the doctor putting her on total bedrest so everyone will be waiting on her. David discovers her lie, and Jackie confronts Bev about her terrible mothering. 
163 16 "Sisters" Gail Mancuso Michael Borkow February 8, 1995
Fred wants Jackie to get rid of DJ, who's working his nerves. Jackie confronts Roseanne about it, trying to avoid conflict with Fred only to walk into it with Roseanne. Meanwhile, Dan tries to plan Roseanne's birthday celebration with their daughters. 
164 17 "Lost Youth" Gail Mancuso Pat Bullard and Stevie Ray Fromstein February 15, 1995

David and Mark fight over Stacy (Traci Lords), a Lunch Box waitress. Jackie confronts Fred about their boring sex life.

Absent:Sara Gilbert as Darlene Conner 

165 18 "Single Married Female" Gail Mancuso Betsy Borns February 22, 1995

Dan catches Jackie at the Lobo with another man and learns that she's cheating on Fred.

Closing Tag: While Roseanne does not appear in the actual episode, she does address the audience and let them know they shouldn't worry, although she needed bed rest and couldn't tape that night's episode she will still be getting paid. She then gives a lecture on where babies come from.

Absent:Sara Gilbert as Darlene Conner, Sarah Chalke as Becky Conner-Healy 

166/167 19/20 "The Clip Show: All About Rosey" Gail Mancuso Teleplay: Rob Ulin and Perry Dance

Story: Leif Sandass and Rob Ulin

March 1, 1995

In the first part of this one hour clip show special, a young Roseanne and Jackie go to a fortuneteller to look into the future, where they find Jackie taking an adult, autistic DJ to a psychiatrist. In the second half, sitcom moms point the finger at Rosey about parenting.

Absent:Sara Gilbert as Darlene Conner, Sarah Chalke as Becky Conner-Healy 

168 21 "Husbands and Wives" Gail Mancuso Kevin Abbott March 22, 1995
Roseanne gets DJ to help Darlene cut her own allowance. Jackie and Fred split. 
169 22 "Happy Trailers" Mark K. Samuels Tim Doyle and Sid Youngers March 29, 1995
Becky and Mark move into a tacky trailer park, where they are welcomed by a tipsy neighbor (Sharon Stone). 
170 23 "The Blaming of the Shrew" Gail Mancuso Lawrence Broch May 3, 1995

DJ's new girlfriend (Ashley Johnson), who Roseanne actually likes, is bossing him around, and their relationship causes problems at school. Jackie and Fred see a psychologist (Ellen DeGeneres) about their anger issues.

Absent:Sarah Chalke as Becky Conner-Healy 

171 24 "The Birds and the Frozen Bees" Gail Mancuso David Forbes May 10, 1995

Roseanne thinks David likes someone other than Darlene, so the two reconcile after much poking and prodding.

Absent:Sarah Chalke as Becky Conner-Healy 

172 25 "Couch Potatoes" Mark K. Samuels Eric Gilliland May 17, 1995

The Conners are chosen as a Nielsen family. Roseanne's nesting instincts disrupt the family routine. Jackie and Fred's marriage comes to an end.

Absent:Sara Gilbert as Darlene Conner 

173 26 "Sherwood Schwartz: A Loving Tribute" Gail Mancuso Teleplay: William Lucas Walker

Story: Allan Stephan and William Lucas Walker

May 24, 1995

Roseanne encourages Dan to return to working on the boat in the garage, bringing on a massive Gilligan's Island fantasy transforming family members into the sitcom's characters.

Absent:Sarah Chalke as Becky Conner-Healy 

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