Secrets was the 23rd episode of Season 4 of Roseanne, also the 95th overall series episode. Written by Lawrence H. Levy, the episode was directed by Andrew D. Weyman. It originally aired on ABC-TV on April 28, 1992.


Depressed because Becky still won't see him, Mark gets drunk at the Lobo Lounge and puts his fist through the jukebox. Dan tends to him, then must lie to Roseanne and Becky. 

Plot summaryEdit

Depressed about the break up with Becky, Mark (Glenn Quinn) gets drunk and rowdy at the Lobo Lounge and punches the jukebox. Dan picks him up, promising not to tell Becky or Roseanne about it. However, Roseanne finds out through Jackie and makes Dan pay for keeping a secret from her.

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