Single Married Female was the 18th episode of Season 7 of Roseanne, also the 165th overall series episode. It was written by Betsy Borns, and was directed by Gail Mancuso. It originally aired on ABC-TV on February 22, 1995.


Dan catches Jackie at the Lobo with another man and learns that she's cheating on Fred.

Closing Tag: While Roseanne does not appear in the actual episode, she does address the audience and let them know they shouldn't worry, although she needed bed rest and couldn't tape that night's episode she will still be getting paid. She then gives a lecture on where babies come from.

Plot summaryEdit

In Roseanne's absence, Dan gets unexpected advice from David after discovering a scandalous secret concerning Jackie.


Pete: [comes into the diner; asks in general] Excuse me, uh, I'm looking for Stacy. Stacy Flagler: I'm Stacy. Pete: [jaw drops] Are you the only Stacy who works here? Stacy Flagler: Yeah. Pete: [can't believe his luck] The one who's got a blind date with a guy named Pete? Stacy Flagler: Yeah, that's me! Pete: Hey, do you guys sell lottery tickets here?

Beverly Harris: [after Stacy embarrasses her with a sexual question] Well I'm leaving! I'm going to have a respectable conversation with a couple of long-shoreman! Jackie Harris: [to Stacy, while getting her coat] Come on! The way you just treated my Mom... I feel like *dancing*!

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