The Mommy's Curse was the second episode of Season 6 of Roseanne, also the 124th overall series episode. It was written by Eric Gilliand and was directed by Philip Charles MacKenzie. It originally aired on ABC-TV on September 21, 1993.


Roseanne has had her fill of Bev at the Lunchbox, so Bev agrees to leave, selling her share to Leon, Roseanne's old boss. Elsewhere, Jackie returns to dating by accepting an invite from Fred, a friend of Dan's, in his first appearance in the series.


At the Lanford Lunch Box, Roseanne finally tells off her mother, Bev (Estelle Parsons). Feeling like she's not wanted anymore, Bev sells her part of the business. Meanwhile, Jackie starts dating again, marking the first appearance of Fred (Michael O'Keefe). None of the Conner kids appear in this episode.

Note: Sara Gilbert, who plays Darlene, and Michael Fishman, who plays D.J. on the series, and Lecy Goranson, who plays Becky all do not appear in this episode.

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