The Wedding was the 14th episode of Season 3 of Roseanne, also the 61st overall series episode. Written by Jeff Abugov, the episode was directed by John Whitesell. It originally aired on ABC-TV on January 15, 1991.


Against Dan's wishes, Roseanne goes ahead with the wedding preparations. Crystal reveals that she's pregnant with Ed's child.


  • When Roseanne and Dan are talking in the living room, the clown made out of macaroni that D.J. made for Dan for his birthday from the episode earlier in this season "PMS, I Love You" can be seen.
  • When Ann Marie arrives to the bridal shower and asks Crystal what she's been up to, Crystal goes into an in-depth account where she explains that after graduation she went to a party where she met Randy, who became her first husband. But in "Bridge Over Troubled Sonny," Jackie comments that Sonny was Crystal's first husband.
  • When the family is watching the wedding, you can see the lights from the soundstage in the top left corner.


Crystal: Yeah I'm sure, I've got all the signs, I'm nauseous, I'm eating all the time and oh yeah, my doctor told me I'm pregnant.

Dan (to Ed): What're you doing?
Ed: What's it look like I'm doing? I'm nursing a beer and watching a dirty movie through all these lines.
Dan: Why don't you just pay them the extra four bucks and they'll unscramble it?
Ed: Then they'd know I'm in here watching a dirty movie.

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