Tolerate Thy Neighbor was the fifth episode of Season 4 of Roseanne, also the 77th overall series episode. Written by Maxine Lapiduss and comedian/actor Martin Mull, the episode was directed by Andrew D. Weyman. It originally aired on ABC-TV on October 15, 1991.


Plot summaryEdit

Roseanne's new neighbors the Bowmans are out of town and Roseanne watches as a truck pulls up and men start to load up some of their belongings. Envious that they are "donating" their nice things, Roseanne grabs a token for herself. Upon their return, the Bowmans are furious that they had been robbed as Roseanne watched and did nothing.


Kathy: I'm in Hell.
Roseanne: No, you're just in Lanford. Same zip code though.

Roseanne: The only thing I've ever wanted for my kids is that they're happy and that they're out of the house.. And I'll tell you something, happy ain't that important!

Jerry: It's not for the burglars, it's for Roseanne.
Dan: Electricity won't stop her, Jer, I've tried. Not much of a swimmer though. You might wanna build a moat.

Becky (to Jackie): So you aced the driving test, huh?
Jackie: Oh, yeah. You'd be amazed how courteous people are when they see an 18-wheeler with "Student Driver" written on it.

Jerry: Kathy sort of had this idea that we should start a neighborhood watch.
Dan: I thought that's what happened, Jerry. You got robbed and the neighborhood watched.

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