"Troubles with the Rubbles"
Season 3: Episode 21
(68 / 231 episodes)
Network ABC-TV
Air date March 26, 1991
Written by Joel Madison
Directed by John Whitesell
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Troubles with the Rubbles was the 21st episode of Season 3 of Roseanne, also the 68th overall series episode. Written by Joel Madison, the episode was directed by John Whitesell. It originally aired on ABC-TV on March 26,1991.


Neighbor Kathy Bowman looks down on Roseanne and complains that DJ is a bad influence on her son Todd.


  • The end credits for this episode show a comparison of the Conner's living room and their neighbor's. When the Conner's house is shown, the usual harmonica plays, but when their neighbor's house is shown, elegant music plays.


Kathy: Goodnight, Roseanne.
Roseanne (after she closes the door): Goodnight, Needle Butt.

Kathy (to Roseanne): Are you saying you're a better mother because you have three children?
Roseanne (sarcastic): Yeah! Three to one! I win!

Jackie (about Kathy): Maybe she was a little uptight.
Roseanne: A little uptight? Hey man, you couldn't drag a needle out of her butt with a tractor!

Roseanne (to Darlene): You're doing the dishes or you don't get your allowance this week.
Darlene: Deal, thanks.
Roseanne: I guess the old three-dollar threat ain't what it used to be.

Jackie (to Roseanne): You never used to worry about what people thought of you.
Roseanne: Well, yeah, that's 'cuz everybody likes me!

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